Tour de Retro 2023 in pictures

Tour de Retro in pictures

The photos & video of the Tour de Retro 2023 can be found here. Thanks to photographer Rijk de Jager and assistant photographer Wijtze, we have captured the Tour de Retro weekend. There is also a nice video impression of the tour itself made by Haico Wevers, one of the participants in Tour de Retro. […]

Your reward is ready!

belong tour de retro - a retro beach towel and a beautiful medal

Your reward is ready! Those who complete one of the Tour de Retro cycling tours on the weekend of 24 and 25 June 2023 will receive this fantastic reward at the finish!A large 'retro' beach towel with the famous historic cycling teams depicted on it, such as Molteni, St. Raphael, Brooklyn , Ford France, Peugeot, etc., etc.This sheet is not only […]

Parking near the start of the Tour de Retro

Parking Tour de Retro

Although cycling café De Cyklist – Gasfabriek 3 in Eindhoven – is located in the center of Eindhoven, there are more than enough (free) parking spaces nearby. Here we list. Free parking Free parking is possible at the green streets in the map below. Along the Kanaaldijk Noord you can walk directly along the canal […]

Rent an original vintage racing bike at Velofinesse

velofinesse - vintage bicycles

Do you want to experience the real retro cycling feeling? Then you can go to Velofinesse in Herent. Velofinesse has an impressive collection of original vintage racing bikes for rent, which will take you back to the golden years of cycling. Each bicycle in the Velofinesse collection has been crafted with craftsmanship in the last century and has been made […]

Route Tour de Retro – 24 and 25 June 2023

Ton Merclx bike tour maker

The cycling shirt collector Ton Merckx not only collects cycling shirts, but has also been setting up cycling tours in the Eindhoven region since 2016. There is no better connoisseur of the roads and paths of our region that are suitable for touring bicycle tours. Ton opted for the Tour de Retro for a trip through the backyard of Eindhoven, a […]

Beautiful Steel – bicycles with character

Beautiful Steel Eindhoven

The Eindhoven bicycle shop Fraai Staal is a symbol of hardness, endurance and tenacity. Synonymous with craftsmanship and tradition. Made of steel were the bicycles on which the great champions of history have achieved memorable feats. Rob Rooijens gives beautiful old bicycles a new life and he does this with a lot of love and creativity. Rob was once […]

Bert Oosterbosch Museum – tribute to an Eindhoven cycling phenomenon


The Bert Oosterbosch museum is a wonderful tribute and lasting reminder of the ruddy cycling hero from Eindhoven who was known for his time trial skills. The museum was founded by cousin Geert Oosterbosch and former cycling tour speaker Jan Peeters, with the help of Frans Oosterbosch – Bert's father. On the top floor of cycling café De Cyklist in Eindhoven […]

Velo d'Anvers – for vintage style bicycles

Are you looking for a unique vintage bicycle that is completely custom made? Then Velo d'Anvers is the place to be! At this Theon Valks bicycle shop, located in the Machinekamer at Strijp-S, you will not find standard bicycles, but unique products. Theon makes vintage bicycles fully customized to your liking, so that you can […]