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Tour de Retro - Kwaremont

Kwaremont – brewed with love for every (retro) cyclist

After a round we always stop at the Cyklist to do something like this fresh, spicy blonde from Kwaremont to drink. Beer brewed with love for every cyclist, especially the real connoisseurs such as retro cyclists!

During the day Tour the Retro we have some special Kware moments; De Brabandere Brewery has made available some beautiful Kwaremont gift boxes.

These boxes filled with a gradient of 6.6% are for the owner of the most beautiful bicycle or most beautiful cycling shirt. Our expert jury – including the well-known Eindhoven jury cycling jersey collector Ton Merckx – determines who can take such a delicious Kwaremont box home.

Or win at the Wheel of Fortune
No prize for the most beautiful cycling jersey or the most beautiful bicycle? Then don't worry. Because you might be fortunate enough to have it Wheel of Fortune, there you also have a chance to win a box full of delicious Kwaremont.


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