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WHEEL OF FORTUIN – try your luck during Tour de Retro

Sunday, June 25, 2024 promises to be a day when the cycling world takes a nostalgic dive into the past with the Tour de Retro. This unique cycling event consists of cycling tours and various activities that relive the glory days of cycling. The WHEEL OF FORTUIN adds an extra dimension with a playful nod to both the rich history of cycling and the cultural legacy of the wheel of fortune itself.

The wheel of fortune, a concept as old as time itself, has its origins in mythology with the goddess Fortuna turning her wheel to determine the fate of man. This symbolism of luck and the unpredictable has manifested itself in various forms over the centuries; from the Tarot cards, where the Wheel of Fortune plays a key role in the fate of the consulter, to the fairs of yesteryear where the wheel of fortune was a central attraction. We also see how this fascinating concept continues to fascinate people in old casinos and the popular game show 'The Wheel of Fortune'.

During the Tour de Retro, the wheel of fortune gets a very special interpretation with the WHEEL OF FORTUIN. This section is entirely dedicated to cycling history and offers participants the opportunity to win unique prizes. From modern retro cycling shirts that honor the heroes of the past, to special beers, retro cycling caps, discount vouchers for Retro Cycling shops or just 'vintage' cycling food such as a banana. The great thing about this game? Every spin of the wheel guarantees a prize!

Participants in the retro cycling tour receive a fortune ticket, with which they can try their luck for free. However, visitors to the event are not excluded; For just €5 they can also take a spin, or even two for €7.50. The Cycling Wheel of Fortune promises not only an exciting moment of fate determination, but also a reminder of the rich history and unpredictability of cycling.

In this way, the Tour de Retro connects the love for cycling with the fascination for fate. WHEEL OF FORTUNE is more than a game; it's a tribute to history, a celebration of nostalgia and a unique way to keep the passion for cycling alive. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of this special experience, where the past and the present meet at the pedals of fate. See you on Sunday, June 25, 2024, for a day full of adventure, nostalgia and of course, fortune!


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