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Ton Merckx – More than 2700 cycling shirts

During the Tour de Retro event in June there is a special exhibition of historic cycling jerseys and historic racing bikes. This unique exhibition takes place in the gallery space of NULZES on the NRE terrain in Eindhoven, next to the cycling cafe CYKLIST. We promise you a unique experience!

Only during the weekend of 24 and 25 June 2023, visitors can enjoy a selection of the most special historic cycling jerseys from Ton Merckx's cycling jersey collection (2,500 original cycling jerseys from 1950 to the present) and 25 historic vintage bicycles from the collection, all perfectly restored by Velo D'Anvers.

The exhibition is the perfect way to explore the past and future of racing bikes and cycling jerseys. We will show the oldest racing bike of the past next to the most innovative racing bike of today. We will also show the historic wool cycling jersey from then next to the most innovative, aerodynamic cycling jersey of today. A big difference.

Collector Ton Merckx will also be present to tell visitors more about the collection and how he came to his impressive collection of cycling jerseys. Visit the retro event at the NRE site and experience the racing bikes and cycling jerseys from the past and the present. This can not be missed.

During this weekend, in addition to this exhibition, there is also an exhibition about the rich cycling history of our Brainport region. With beautiful photos and story – [read more here].

The main part of the weekend are the retro tours. With on Sunday the tour of cyclists on vintage bicycles and in the original cycling clothing. Everyone can cycle along on Saturday, but a retro cycling shirt is mandatory. Read more about the [Tour de Retro cycling tours]


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